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Software Development

Web development and software solutions for Linux Windows Android

Web Development

Web Development

We are engaged in web development, related services, programming and automation. You can automate any routine work. Often we are approached by customers to support the existing site.         We solve problems of search engine optimization, bug fixes         and we can speed up your site.

There are a variety of related services to web development, including information. As you may have already realized, except for web programming and we do other types of programming (creating software).

Desktop programs

desktop programming

Desktop or Web? Creating a desktop GUI programs becoming irrelevant because of growth opportunities of web and mobile applications. However, if necessary, we can create such applications, widgets, wallpapers, service console unix programs, batch files.

For programs in the form of web-based applications do not necessarily have an internet connection. Program with a web interface can work in a local network, which may consist of at least one computer or handheld device.

It's better to use server-based computing for performing complex calculations. Desktop applications are appropriate to use in certain games genres, which require high reaction speed of the game world and management capabilities.

SEO optimization


To perform sites main task, it is important to consider advices of Yandex and Google.

Why hourly wage

Will not problems with hourly rates have. If something is missing in the terms of reference - the customer will say and the programmer will quietly finish it.

This scheme is remarkably suited for customers who want to get a quality product, good service and do not overpay. We do not deceive: reputation and loyal customers is more important than a single penny of earning.

This approach gives a greater chance of good relations between the parties.

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